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ROSANNE VAN KLAVEREN (1973, NL) has been interested in working with participants through the use of new media since she graduated in Fine Art (HKA, NL 1999) and Photography (Post-St.Joost, NL 2001). Her collaborative storytelling experiments include the Braintec project, which received the ISOC-Award for Internet and the Arts (2002), was nominated for ZKM’s International Media art price (2003), and has been shown at many international festivals, including FILE, ISEA2004 and Ciber@rt. She started her doctoral research and became a Marie Curie Research Fellow within the ADAPT-r program at EAA (EE) after she graduated magna cum laude in Cultural Studies (KULeuven, BE 2009). Two media art projects are realized during this practice based PhD research. In the Food Related prototype, facts and experiences related to Arctic food culture are collected, mapped and exchanged. In the interactive road-movie Niva to Nenets, the artist drives her beloved Lada Niva to the reindeer herding Nenets in Russia to question the paradox of bringing help. In both projects, Van Klaveren researches how creativity and shared media use can overcome the us-and-them feeling that is frequently encountered within participatory art.

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