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Pascal Lefèvre is a special guest professor in arts at LUCA School of Arts, who teaches at bachelor and master level.

In the 1980s he studied at the KU Leuven Social Sciences and American Studies, in the early 1990s he worked as a researcher at the Belgian national broadcasting corporation (BRTN) and in the second part of that decade as a scientific advisor to the Belgian Comics Museum in Brussels. In addition he started teaching at campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, and from 1998 till 2012 also at two other Flemish art schools (Antwerp and Genk). In October 2003 he completed his PhD in Social Sciences (Communications) at the University of Leuven.

With more than 100 publications (in 9 different languages) and more than 70 academic presentations Pascal Lefèvre has become one of the leading European theorists and historians in the field of graphic narratives (comics, bande dessinée, manga, graphic novels...).

His expertise is also used beyond the academic world: in the past years he served as a member of an advisory committee for the Flemish Literature Fund, collaborated at an archival project of broadsheets at the folklore museum Het Huis van Alijn in Ghent, and surveyed the socio-economic situation of comics authors and illustrators for an artist agency (SMartBe in Brussels). His main research, related to the medium of graphic narratives, includes representation studies (of WW2, Cold War, colony Congo), formal and historical approaches.

In addition to his specialisation, he is also interested in visual storytelling in cinema, animation, television, and in the cutting edge research of human visual perception.

While being foremost a theoretician and academic writer, in his spare time he has occasionally ventured in the creation of short graphic narratives (eg. Berlin) and he took several courses in printing techniques and digital art (eg. videopera Burning History).

Pascal Lefèvre
author handbook on visual perception of images (in Dutch, 2018)
Pascal Lefèvre
author short graphic narrative "Berlin" (published in "Frigobox" N° 4, 1995, Fremok)
Pascal Lefèvre
main editor of book "Forging a New Medium. The Comic Strip in the 19th Century" (VUB University Press, 1998 & 1999)
Pascal Lefèvre
co-author book "Pour une lecture moderne de la bande dessinée" (Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, 1993). Also published in Dutch "Strips anders lezen" (Sherpa 1993)
Pascal Lefèvre
co-author of a book on a popular Flemish comic strip series, Nero

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