Ines Muyle Vansteenkiste selected for Unseen shorlist Dummy Award

Grits/Grids & Conversations - Ines Muyle Vansteenkiste

The recently graduated master's student Ines Muyle Vansteenkiste has been selected for the Unseen shorlist Dummy Award with her master project 'Grits / Grids & Conversations'! 

Unseen shorlist Dummy Award 

In collaboration with Lecturis, Unseen Amsterdam introduces the Unseen Dummy Award, giving exceptional artists from around the world the chance to get their work published. They received 225 submissions, of which 33 were selected for the shortlist by a committee of five experts who spent more than eight hours studying the books. Each member had a number of criteria in mind - an interesting angle on a particular theme, the quality of the image material at hand, and thoughtful consideration of the relationship between content, form and overall layout. As the award celebrates books-in-progress, the committee respected a degree of rawness, including an ‘unfinished’ look and feel. In short, the committee kept their selection as diverse as possible in terms of subject matter, atmosphere, approaches to image sequencing and layout, text-image relationships, book design and different stages of development. On Friday 20 September, an international jury will come together at Unseen Amsterdam to select one photobook dummy from the shortlist as this year’s winner.

Grits / Grids & Conversations

'Grits/Grids & Conversations' is an ongoing project about going to a foreign country, the US, to meet the family of Ines’s boyfriend, Yaro. It started in 2018 when Ines, Yaro and Yaro’s father, Kenyatta, drove from Chicago to New Orleans to meet relatives in different cities. Ines returned in 2019 to present and discuss her pictures and the accompanying text with her subjects. Looking at the photographs and reading the captions, the viewer meets the family through Ines’s eyes. It is a testimony to her immersion in African American culture and her growing affection for Yaro’s relatives.

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