ABOUT WEDNESDAY EVENING: Show / Research #11 - Els Opsomer

Photographer: Bram De Laet


Show / Research #11 - Els Opsomer

what distracts and scatters…
wat afleidt en verstrooit…
ce qui distrait et éparpille...

In the framework of her PhD research at LUCA School of Art, artist/teacher/researcher  Els Opsomer shared her solicitude and presented some thoughts. 

Els Opsomer is concerned with her (immediate) environment. She believes that the well-being of the small microcosmos influences the greater whole (for the better). However, if she observes closely, she must conclude that these changes do not go fast enough or rather do not seem to exist. The story of entropy. Maybe we have returned to a point where you retreat and tell each other stories, as with Bocaccio's Decamerone. Has this become the only way to survive and to accept all the misfortune? Nothing is forever.

Last January Els Opsomer started a doctorate titled - I see, I see what you don't see - About the visible invisible in times of 'global' terror, with supervisor Prof. dr Hilde Van Gelder.

Through different scriptures, in image as counter-image, in film as counter-cinema, in essays and during lecture-performances, Els Opsomer enters into a dialogue with the viewer, other artists and art education to explore the possibilities of visual resistance. 
Last Wednesday a first attempt at sharing this exchange with the audience was presented.


Sint-Lukas Brussel

Terrarium - Intermedia Research Unit

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