Textile Design, master degree in Visual Arts in Ghent

Photo: Tom De Visscher
Master Laure Van Brempt

Master degree in Visual Arts on Sint-Lucas campus, Ghent

Textile Design offers an environment for exploring the language and context of textiles in which your artistic practice is central. You will be coached by a hybrid team of artists and designers and parts of the programme will be delivered with students from other specialisations on campus.

The result is an interdisciplinary master programme that will familiarise you with the broad spectrum to which you belong as a future designer/artist.

Crossovers between art and design

In Textile Design you will approach textiles with an open mind. You will explore design, art and the crossovers between them. You will not only explore the identity of textile as a material but also as a visual medium. There is room for free interpretation.

Master project

In the master programme you will investigate a substantive problem statement from a personal perspective. You will develop concepts and a vision and give form to them in your own distinctive language while maintaining an engaged and reflective outlook in relation to current practices. The question posed in your master research together with your visual language will determine whether your work belongs within applied design, visual arts or a crossover.

Your practical work will be supported by a thesis that sharpens your research question.

You will complete the master programme with a convincing final presentation. The ideas that form the basis of your artistic practice, the choice of materials and technique, and manner in which the work is shown, form an inseparable part of the master project.

Master session, an interdisciplinary, artistic experience

During the master sessions you will work on projects outside the college walls. These can range from curating an exhibition, to working in an artist’s studio or participating in an extracurricular activity.

During weekly meetings you will discuss your own project and those of students from other disciplines. These sessions grow into a platform for debate where students analyse contemporary art and design from the perspective of their own discipline. As a result, you will belong to a wide, multidisciplinary artistic circle.

Master seminars

In the master programme you will follow five theoretical seminars. You will have the possibility to shape your learning path according to your personal artistic and intellectual interests. During one semester, you will explore a subject within the broadest context of art practice. 

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