For Students

LUCA is offering a range of services offered to students. Whether you are looking for information on accommodation, student jobs, on living and studying with a disability, visa related issues, medical and legal advice, you will find it here.

Computer rooms

The PC-rooms are a good place to work if you have no computer or internet in your room. They can be found on multiple campuses. Consult the Education Administration of your campus to inquire after the availability of the PC-room.
You can also make photocopies and prints in the printing infrastructure of your campus. Consult the Education Administration of your campus for more information.

Academic Software

You can download Adobe, Office 365, antivirus software and extra educational software. Depending on your course, it is included in your extra study costs.

user id & password

After registration you will receive a confirmation of your enrolment. You can find your user name next to 'your reference'. Your user name always starts with an r followed by 7 digits.

This user id or r-number will remain the same throughout your studies and you will need it frequently. In order to use your user id, you must set a password with the activation code on the scratch card that you received during registration. 

E-mail for students

After registering you will receive a LUCA e-mail address ( You can access your e-mail the day after registering. Make sure to check your inbox regularly as official information is communicated through this address. 
The easiest way to read your e-mail is through our webmail. You can also use a mail program. We use google apps as mail platform, for which there are a few GB at your disposal on the servers.

Buying a computer?

You can purchase a new Windows laptop with an educational discount .
If you prefer a Mac, you can consult Campusshop or for a discount.

Contact the LUCA ICT Helpdesk

Problems with your login? 

Send an e-mail to 
For urgent problems, call 02 250 11 11. 
Openings hours: workdays 9 am-noon and 1 pm-4 pm. 

Viruses and spyware

A virus scanner is a must if you access the internet on your computer.
LUCA offers McAfee Total Virus Defense. Students and teachers can download this program free of charge (login with your rnumber).
Be careful when opening emails and attachments. Make sure to back up your data regularly!

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