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Social Spaces|CUO developed a very specific approach to art and design research. The aim of the group is to explore the social character of design, art and new media in our current society. At the same time, the group aims for highly qualitative research into the potential of old and new materials in creating different social interactions.

This is made possible by its unique combination between designers, artists, computer engineers and social and cultural scientists, psychologists, philosophers,... Engaging users as participants in the design process is key in the Social Spaces|CUO research projects. More specific, the group examines topics, such as interactions in public and semi-public spaces (i.a. public squares, railway stations or health contexts) and social and sustainability issues. To research and shape these topics, a whole variety of alternative artistic and design methods are developed or redesigned (Image MAP-it).


  • Wim Buts
  • Pablo Calderon
  • Katrien Dreessen
  • Ben Hagenaars
  • Niels Hendriks
  • Rudi Knoops
  • Niek Kosten
  • Lore Langendries
  • Danny Leen
  • Selina Schepers
  • Jessica Schoffelen
  • Rosanne van Klaveren
  • Andrea Wilkinson

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