Research units

The courses offered by LUCA - Faculty of the Arts have a strong artistic, critical and investigative profile. To safeguard this, there is permanent interaction between these courses and artistic and design-based research. Organising and encouraging research is one of the Faculty of the Arts’ core tasks.

The research, which is organised into four themed research units, is coordinated by the Central Board of Research. The research units support artists and research groups, develop interdisciplinary research projects and supervise PhDs.

The extremely varied expertise in the different courses offered by LUCA - Faculty of the Arts (music and the performing arts, audiovisual and visual arts and product design) challenges researchers to perform groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, embedding LUCA’s research policy in the research environment at KU Leuven also creates innovative projects between art and science.

Research projects with a more themed or social focus often involve partners from the artistic world such as museums and music venues, art cinemas and multimedia companies. Furthermore, other social sectors are increasingly calling on artists’ and designers’ knowledge and skills.

LUCA believes in the added value of artistic and design-based research for the development and practice of the arts themselves, but also because of the strong imaginative and experimental potential that is inherent to this research, for the sciences and society in the broadest sense.

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