Research unit Intermedia

"Le Journal d'un usager de l'espace. Tracing a roman road" van Mira Sanders

The Intermedia research unit focuses on the interdisciplinary character of contemporary art practices and questions the different media in relation to other media.
Research projects include both electronic or ‘new’ media and traditional or ‘old’ media. 

From Ut pictura poesis to computational creativity (artificial intelligence applied to the arts) the underlying question was and is how to generate and innovate the creative process by transferring to and taking inspiration from another artistic medium. Understanding the variations and implications of artistic genres or forms across different media, studying, practicing, mounting, and curating the migrations of images across different devices, contexts, and histories, from old to new media, from traditional artistic settings to more experimental ones, bringing these processes together through storytelling, dramaturgy and creative writing, are all core activities of the intermedia research unit. Currently, there are three research clusters within the unit: Mediated Environments, deep histories fragile memories and Photography Expanded, but these will increase and can change in the future. Intermediality, transhistoricity and narrativity are the key forms of poetics and nodes of the research carried out in the unit. The unit stands for critical awareness of the impact of technological development on artistic practice. It is active in exploring and supporting the presentation of artistic research in exhibition form, through its program Show Research and its exhibition space Terrarium.


Head research unit: dr. Nicola Setari
LUCA - Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70
B-1030 Brussel
Tel: (+32)(0)2/250 11 39

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