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Re-Visionary is relaunched in the academic year 2013-2014. Within the research structure of LUCA School of Arts this group resorts under Inter-Actions, a research unit focusing on interaction in all its dimensions (interactivity, participation, cross-disciplinarity...).

Re-Visionary concentrates on visual culture, and more specifically on the interaction between the cinematic, (photo)graphic image and its contexts. These contexts can be very diverse: from montage and collage to intertextuality, from the web to the traditional archive, from the glossy to Pinterest, from the museum to the photo album... Often those contexts exist of other images and thus – in one way or another – take the shape of an image archive.

The research is conducted from different perspectives (representation, gender, communication…) and can be artistic, practice-based as well as theoretical.

Re-Visionary also supports research and provides expertise on how images – with respect for their original contexts – can be presented to contemporary audiences by curators, heritage specialists and artists. Like the Roman god Janus, R-Visionary looks both forward and backward and examines the place of the image – moving or static, cinematic or (photo)graphic, digital or analogue… – between the past and the future.


  • Leen Engelen
  • Ellen Schroven
  • Danny Veys
  • Kristof Vrancken

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