Professional bachelor degree on Sint-Lukas campus, Brussels

The three-year bachelor in Construction Technology trains students to become generic construction professionals with versatile skills applicable across the entire construction sector.

The training combines in-depth technical training with a high dose of practical experience to ensure that students can get started after graduation as building site supervisors, architectural draughtsmen, quantity surveyors...

Architectural innovation and technological advances go hand in hand. Tutors closely follow new evolutions in the construction sector and each year interesting study trips are organised to cities such as Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin or Barcelona.

Creative technical solutions

The professional bachelor in Construction Technology on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels trains you to become a construction expert. The degree combines in-depth technical training with a high dose of practical experience.

Practice and individual touches

The practice of this profession is central to your training. In Year 1, you will already draw up building plans. The complexity and scope of assignments grow year after year.

In Year 2, you will work on plans for a school or an apartment block taking into account utilities, cabling and plumbing. As of Year 3, you will use complex technical solutions such as spider glazing, curtain walls... The administrative aspects of a construction project are also explored during your degree. Planning, specifications, quantity surveying, and cost estimation will hold no secrets for you.

Additionally, on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels you can add personal touches to your degree. After three years, you can specialise in the execution, supervision and preparation of a building project via a system of elective courses. If you wish to switch to a master in Industrial Engineering Construction you can prepare for this via an optional package of Sciences courses. During your degree, you can also gain international experience via an exchange.

Direct experience in the field

In Year’s 2 & 3 you will do internships. During these internships, you not only have the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge, but also establish your first contacts in the field. You will also build a network within the school. During a company day, you will get to meet and share your CV with representatives of construction companies. Furthermore, subjects like Business Management and Building Regulations will ensure that you can also set up your own business. 

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