Professional Bachelor degree in Photography at Narafi campus in Brussels

Gretar Gunnlaughson

The three-year professional bachelor in Photography is a creative and assignment-oriented course that prepares students for their chosen profession. Technique and creativity go hand in hand and a personal style and creative approach are essential.

Students explore all photography genres, from still life, over portraits and fashion, to documentary and conceptual photography. Alongside taking photos, there is a strong focus on image manipulation and post-production. As they progress, students discover where their personal interests lie and they develop into photographers with their own unique style. At the end of the degree, they are fully trained ‘image makers’, photographers with a vision and a strong portfolio in terms of content and technique.  

Our training sparkles

Workshops by guest lecturers, museum and company visits, partnerships, international connections, competitions, contacts with other training courses, photography festivals, biennales… these are just some of the extra activities taking place alongside normal lessons. These extras will help you to acquire a strong understanding of the professional photography world.

We work intensively with the cultural and private sectors and with other higher education institutions. These initiatives result in exhibitions, publications, participation in competitions... They provide a broad overview of photography and create an open mind.

Annual project weeks

Each year we organise extracurricular project weeks led by invited professional photographers: in Year 1, an international reportage week, in Year 2, a fashion week, and in the final year, a culinary week. During each of these intensive weeks, you will get up and go to sleep with your camera, which becomes increasingly an extension of yourself. 

Broad training

The three-year professional bachelor in Photography on the Narafi campus prepares you for the profession of photographer. Technique and creativity go hand in hand. You develop into a photographer with a vision and a strong portfolio in terms of content and technique. To make it as a photographer, you need to differentiate yourself through a unique, personal style and creative approach. That’s why with us you are first and foremost ‘image-makers’.

During your training you will explore all photography genres: still life, portrait, fashion, documentary and conceptual photography. Not only will you learn everything about taking photos, but there’s also a strong focus on image manipulation and post-production. In addition, you will be trained in the basics of design, web design and video. As you progress, you will discover where your personal interests lie and what suits you best.

By the beginning of Year 3 you will have tasted every aspect of photography. This gives you the chance to make a conscious and informed career choice. In your last year you can also set your career direction via your final project and internship. During this internship you will build contacts within the profession. You can use your final project as a visiting card during your job search.

No theory for theory’s sake

In the professional bachelor in Photography, a solid knowledge base is important. You will follow extensive theory courses that give you the necessary insight into image analysis, art and photography history and composition. General subjects such as Marketing, Communications and Business Management will ensure you are both commercially and communicatively prepared for the career of your choosing or for setting up your own business. 

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