Professional Bachelor Audiovisual Technology: Film-Television-Video on campus Narafi in Brussels

Professional Bachelor on campus Narafi in Brussels

Creative training with a broad technical basis

In the space of three years, our Film-TV-Video students become real all-rounders, practised in all the tricks of the filmmaking trade. As of Year 1, students discover all the different disciplines: image, sound, editing, directing and production. The course uses a creative and practically oriented approach to tackle both the technical and artistic aspects of the audiovisual world. Theory courses form the basis of practical workshops. In other words, they act in function of practical assignments.

About the curriculum

Have you used a camera? Do you enjoy editing your own images? Do you want to work with sound? Do you enjoy telling stories? Then the professional bachelor in Film-TV-Video is something for you.

A creative and practical approach

Our Film-TV-Video degree course takes a creative and practical approach. Both the technical and artistic aspects of the audiovisual world will be covered during your assignments. With us, you are not merely trained as a cameraman, soundman, scriptwriter, editor, and director but as a creative master of all these trades.

In Year 1, you will be introduced to all the disciplines in the television and film sector, including every aspect of film and video production. Directing is an essential part of the curriculum, but you will also learn technical skills such as camera, editing and lighting. On the basis of individual exercises and feedback, you will acquire all the essential cinematic skills.

In Year 2, specialisations such as sound, image and directing actors, lighting and scriptwriting also feature on the programme. You will learn how to use sophisticated equipment and execute different post-production techniques such as editing, sound effects and mixing. Teamwork is important for your assignments, because the ‘crew’ chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

During Year 3, with the exception of post-production techniques, the emphasis lies almost entirely on practical exercises and TV directing. You will produce two final projects. The first is an individual work (fiction, documentary, conceptual) for which you are solely responsible. The second project is a fiction film on REDcam, which is made as a team in which you will choose a specific role.


In our training course, theory and practice are inextricably linked. All theory courses serve as the basis for practical application in workshops, giving students the necessary theoretical knowledge to successfully realise practical assignments. Moreover, these assignments are entirely inspired by the real needs of the profession, making this a truly hands-on degree.

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