When you choose to study Product Design, you get immersed into a rich and fascinating world. You learn to investigate and explore, both in a critical manner and with a visionary approach. This academic program stimulates its students to work from a multidisciplinary perspective and to constantly engage themselves to adapt to the ever-changing environment. A product designer therefore builds on insights from both the arts, design, science and sociology and does so within a business and societal context in order to create meaningful solutions that anticipate on cultural, societal and (business) economical challenges.

With a critical, questioning mind and great design-oriented skills, Product Design students learn to create inspiring solutions for a multitude of challenging issues. The program aims for its students to develop a critical attitude towards society and for them to operate from a sense of responsibility. Through various courses, the students are trained to make informed choices regarding technological developments, societal issues, ecology, etc.

Within thematic Design Modules we work with external partners such as companies, governments and other (international) Design Programs. Because of this practical focus, students learn to understand that the design itself is often not the ultimate goal, but that it only is a means to solve broader issues. Various workshops, on the other hand, allow for students to focus on their personal interests and let them improve specific skills and knowledge so that they are capable of forming their own identity as a Product Designer.

The integration of Product Design within the higher arts eduction of LUCA School of Arts makes this program unique in Flanders. A great emphasis on the artistic, social, critical and conceptual aspects of design is also characteristic of our training, that delivers creative, open-minded, but also critical designers.

Please note that Dutch is the official language of instruction. Consequently our programme is completely organized in Dutch. 

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