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Play & Game is a research group that takes a unique position in game research in Flanders and beyond. It is the only game group in Flanders starting from an explicit design and artistic research starting point instead of communication sciences or engineering.

Its roots in higher art education guarantees a highly experimental and innovative approach to game design. In this, game design is not solely seen from the angle of one specific discipline, implying that this research can merely be done with multidisciplinary teams.

The group explicitly focuses on so called serious games, being games that are not merely designed for entertainment, but address societal and cultural contexts as education, environment, health and so on. The main challenge is to find the balance between the focus on game art (imagination), entertainment (fun) and the serious (learning, motivating) aspect (Image GameHub Project – Controller).


  • Jim Bollansée
  • Thomas Laureyssens
  • Steven Malliet
  • Veerle Van der Sluys

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