Photography, Master degree in Visual Arts in Brussels

Besma Ben Said

In the master year, you will take one step further in the development of your artistic identity. Throughout the year you will work on a master project, guided by two mentors who will help you to broaden and enrich your horizons. You will not only realise an artistic project but also write a thesis in which you reflect on your artistic practice.

You, your Master thesis and photography

Alongside your artistic research, you will intensively follow theoretical seminars, visit exhibitions and take part in lectures and workshops. Through portfolio viewings with nationally and internationally recognised artists, art critics and curators you will discover new perspectives and broaden your horizons.

In preparation for the master exhibition – which you organise together with fellow students off-campus – you will show your work to a wider public in an intermediate exhibition at the Recyclart art centre.

Your master thesis represents an important step in your artistic quest and in the development of your visual language. It is the starting capital with which you will launch yourself on the path of contemporary (art) reality.

Evolving insight

Curiosity, independent initiative and a passion for experimentation drive your artistic inquiry. In collaboration with your mentors, you will discover new strategies and unique methods. By openly communicating about evolutions and doubts during your work process, you will bring your projects to a successful conclusion.

In Brussels, in the middle of the world

Photography master students come from all corners of the globe. In the dynamic context of Brussels, this diversity creates new avenues of thought and leads to a challenging artistic process. Surrounded by students from Belgium and abroad you will be confronted by other realities that shift your boundaries. The international character of the master is also felt during the final master exhibition when an external and partly international jury will judge your work. 

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