Photography, Academic bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Brussels

Nick Van de Vel

In the Photography specialisation of the academic Visual Arts degree, the individual student’s interests and obsessions are central. Work in the atelier and classroom provides the necessary technical, artistic and intellectual skills to translate your thoughts and ideas into images.

The training course challenges the student to create images that question and radically reject conventional ideas. The academic Photography student is an innovative image-maker, not an executor. In his/her practice, thinking and doing are not exclusive but complementary.

In the Photography specialisation on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels you will learn to deal with the complexities of the photographic medium. In successive modules you will be challenged to discover and sharpen your own artistic motives and vision. During this specialisation you will acquire the necessary technical and artistic skills to use later as an artist, as a purebred photographer, or as a researcher.

Dynamic training

Our master and bachelor students participate in events of national and international renown. Each year, together with their tutors, students make interesting cultural trips to cities such as Amsterdam, Paris or Düsseldorf. In addition, numerous lectures and workshops are organised. For example, first year students construct their own pinhole camera, which they use to take photos for one week on location. Master students visit SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne, were they can admire the original prints of August Sander.

Bachelor degree

During the first two years of your degree, a series of modules confront you with specific photographic problems. You will learn how to choose your viewpoint, capture a frame, handle light, make bold choices when selecting and presenting images... Both analogue and digital photography are used. You will have the freedom to decide how to apply these techniques in your work.

Study structure

The first two years are an exciting journey of discovery during which you are familiarised with every aspect of photography. From the very first weeks you will work on specific exercises guided by a team of tutors. During these thematic exercises you will enter into dialogue with them and your fellow students so that you learn how to defend your choices. Ateliers and classrooms are laboratories where experimentation is encouraged, but where at the same time you learn to work and think in an attentive and disciplined manner.

In Year 3, the accent shifts to defining and realising more personal and complex projects. You then have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus scholarship and spend time in an art school abroad.

A critical mind

Developing your artistic identity requires insight and an open mind. These are sharpened via a diverse and broad range of courses about the history and theory of photography. Strong attention is also paid to art history and (art) philosophy. You will also develop research skills in guided research workshops, learning how to deal with source material, talk about the work of others and your own work, and independently shape and carry out a research project.

The library on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels is the best of its kind in Belgium, offering an extensive selection of international publications about photography, graphic design and visual arts.

Moreover, you will come into contact with a wide range of disciplines on our campus such as film, graphic design, and visual arts. As a photography student you can also participate in these ateliers.

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