General requirements

The doctoral programme is obligatory and must be successfully completed before the PhD researcher is permitted to submit the thesis and defend it publicly. The PhD researcher can only complete the doctoral programme if all the elements are completed:

  1. the writing of at least one scientific publication at an international level or a similar achievement at an international level. By a publication at international level is meant: a peer-reviewed contribution (journal article, contribution to a book, conference proceedings, patent, design) about his/her own research and written in the language of the discipline. The contribution is aimed at an international audience. In order to be able to successfully complete the doctoral programme, the contribution must be published or be accepted for publication,
  2. giving at least two seminars, either about his/her own research, or on a more general theme,
  3. giving at least one oral or poster presentation at an international scientific conference,
  4. following at least one seminar series or course component specifically organised for PhD researchers, More information.
  5. following the course component ‘Scientific integrity for starting PhDs’ during the first year of the doctoral programme. Following the course component ‘Scientific Integrity for starting PhD’ is mandatory for PhD researchers whose doctoral period started during or after the 2014-2015 academic year.
  6. reporting on the progress of the doctoral research as specified in art. 13.

The PhD researcher fully submits the activity report to his supervisor (see downloads below). On the basis of this report, the doctoral committee will decide whether the PhD researcher has completed the doctoral programme.

How to apply?

The supervisor of the PhD researcher submits the activity report and an official letter to the chairman of the doctoral committee, Veerle Van der Sluys. The letter contains the following:

  1. The supervisory committee allows the PhD researcher to promote because of a positive pre-evaluation of the thesis and artistic development.
  2. A proposal of available jury members (names, mail addresses and postal adresses)
  3. The location, date and hour of the PhD defence

The thesis and the presentation of the creations in arts or design must allow the examination committee to assess the quality of the doctoral research. There are no general rules regarding the form and content except of the quality requirements.

The doctoral committee and the rector of the KU Leuven then decides whether the PhD researcher is allowed to defend its thesis. The research office then informs the PhD researcher.

If there are any further questions, please contact mrs. Monia Kennes.


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