Teacher Training

- Academic degree
- Duration: 1 or 2 years
- Study points: 60
- Tuition language: Dutch (working knowledge of English, French and German recommended)

How do you shape art education and how do you decide its content? What is your role in this as a teacher? In our specific art Teacher Training, you look for answers to these questions. You do this from a position of great mastery. Because as an art student, you understand the artistic process through and through, and unlike any other person, you are able to translate this into an educational context.

The questioning or interpretation of an artist’s oeuvre, challenging and giving form to artistic possibilities and contexts are all covered. Curiosity and authenticity are the crucial ingredients.

Teacher Training in Audiovisual & Visual Arts and Music & Drama

Teacher Training in Audiovisual & Visual Arts and Music & Drama

LUCA School of Arts offers both a specific Teacher Training in Audiovisual & Visual Arts as well as in Music & Drama. The specific quest by and for the learner is central to both courses. There is a continuously shifting cycle of artistic and pedagogical questions. How do you stimulate the artistic process? How do you focus on the specific artistic quest of the learner? How do you shape a powerful and artistically formative learning environment? How do you deliver motivating lessons? How do you make the learner independent from the teacher? How can teaching strengthen your own artistic practice? During this course, you will discover the answers in an experiential and artistically formative way. Experimentation, questioning and daring to doubt are indispensible in this powerful and constant questioning of the relationship between teacher and learner, and between artist and teacher. 

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