Ombuds Office

The ombuds person :

  • is the person to talk to if, in the course of an academic year, you are faced with personal problems impacting your study progress and your feeling of well-being as a student;
  • is the person who can advise you on all aspects regarding the way in which education is provided;
  • is bound by a duty of discretion and can thus guarantee a strict confidential approach;
  • can act as a mediator in the case of a conflict between student(s) and/or teacher(s) and/or the school’s managerial level;
  • has a specific role during the examination period:

Students should contact the exam ombuds person for the following issues regarding examinations:

  • inability to take part in the exams due to important reasons such as illness, death of a family member, …  (notification web form)
  • when situations occur that have a negative impact on the normal course of an examination
  • when you feel your rights as a student were violated during an examination or in determining the result of an examination

-the exam ombuds person watches over both the student’s and the teacher’s rights and duties
-the exam ombuds person can act as a mediator when problems occur
-the exam ombuds person takes part in the deliberations of the exam board (as an observer, without the right to vote)

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