Music Education, academic bachelor degree and master degree in Music on Lemmens campus, Leuven

Academic bachelor degree and master degree in Music on Lemmens campus, Leuven

Teaching diverse groups to enjoy and make music is the objective of the specialisation in music education. You will develop your musical skills to a passionate professional level and become an all-round musician who sings, plays, improvises, conducts, arranges and composes. Music teachers are first and foremost strong musicians.

As a music education student, you gradually acquire the necessary skills: during the bachelor (3 years, 180 ECTS) you especially develop your basic musical skills (solfège, ear training, harmony, ensemble playing, improvisation, composition, voice, piano, instrument of choice…). On completing your bachelor, you are able to share your musical creativity with others. The bachelor ends with an integrated educational music performance, which you create, prepare and perform as a group under the guidance of outstanding artistic coaches.

During the master (2 years, 120 ECTS including 30 study points ‘transferred’ from the theory component of the specific teacher training course) you further sharpen your musical skills. Central to this is the discovery and development of your music educator identity. Your pedagogical musical thinking and behaviour are always supported by critical self-reflection and artistic investigation. The latter aspects guarantee your training at academic level. The final master project is a personal journey of discovery, a pedagogical music project in an educational context of your choice in which your musical and educational skills form a fascinating symbiosis.

As a graduate music educator from LUCA you are extremely versatile: you can work in the music education sector, the educational services of concert halls, in the amateur arts sector, the (socio-)cultural sector, in youth work, adult training or – if you should so choose – you can combine your studies with an internship component of the specific teacher training (30 ECTS) – in compulsory education, part-time art education or higher education.

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