Master after Master in Music

Do you have a master’s degree in music? Do you wish to improve your artistic level as a performer? Are you looking for advanced music training enhanced by artistic research? LUCA-Campus Lemmensinstituut organises a two-year long course of study. During this programme, you can prepare your entrance to the professional music world: learn repertoire useful for competitions or auditions, give two recitals during regular concert seasons, and deepen your understanding of musical interpretation through artistic research.

You can choose among three specialisations:
- Soloist
- Chamber Music (for already formed ensembles)
- Contemporary Music

A two-year programme

Each student or chamber music ensemble receives: • 1,5 h lesson/week by the chosen teacher (Prof.Roel Dieltiens for chamber music ensembles) • a minimum of 2 master classes with renowned musicians • guidance in designing and developing a research project relevant to your own artistic practice. Our institution guarantees each student or ensemble: - one recital during a regular concert seasons - a demo recording - support for finding a second recital within a regular concert season

Artistic Research Tutoring

The research component of this programme is strongly connected to your artistic practice. We do not intend to make a performer-musicologist out of you but, rather, an artist whose practice is grounded in convincing artistic research. In order to achieve this goal, you will be assisted by a research tutor. The research tutor will consider your proficiency, artistic goals and interests in order to design a research programme meeting your needs. The research tutors are artists with experience in artistic research. In certain cases, your instrumental mentor may also be your research tutor.

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