• Financial aid by Stuvo

To be eligible for financial aid by Stuvo, Stuvo follows the nationality conditions of the scholarship from the Flemish Community.

Foreign students who only stay temporarily in Belgium for studying, are considered to have enough financial aid to study in Belgium. Only in an emergency situation financial aid by Stuvo might be granted, and only after a thorough investigation.

The forms of financial aid are:

  • An advance on the scholarship of the Flemish Community
  • A social allowance for study costs
  • An interest-free loan for study costs
  • A financial intervention for psychological support
  • A financial intervention in speech therapy costs, diagnostic testing learning disability and personality research

Applying is possible until June 1st of the academic year. 

  • Scholarship granted by the Flemish Community

As a foreign student you can be eligible for a scholarship from the Flemish Community, if you comply with three main requirements: nationality requirement, study requirement and financial requirement.

Note that If the nationality conditions are not fulfilled in the first place, study and financial requirements do not matter.

  • Tuition Fee

If you receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community, you are entitled to pay the reduced tuition fee . The student administration checks whether the scholarship was requested in time and whether it was granted.

This reduction also applies when you fulfill both the nationality conditions of the scholarship from the Flemish Community and the financial conditions for a scholarship, but not the conditions of study (e.g. you are registered with a credit contract or for less than 27 credits, …). In that case you have to ask for the reduced tuition fee at Stuvo.

If you don’t apply to get reduction, payment of the tuition fee in installments is only possible if you comply with the nationality conditions to be eligible for a scholarship from the Flemish Community. If you apply to these nationality conditions, you can ask Stuvo for the other conditions you should meet. Take into account that the minority of students who stay temporarily in Belgium apply to these conditions.




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