Greet Billet

This research group approaches the relationship between material and image, by means both of artistic or design analysis in the arts, and theoretical, philosophical, cultural and art historical, sociological, anthropological, ecological and material-technical research and reflection.

The research parameters are liberally interpreted, and range from a focus on the reality of materials that lead to an image, to conceptual and philosophical trains of thought, both for autonomous visual arts and for more applied art and design.

Research questions include: how does the theoretical discourse define the relationship between material and image, between making and thinking? What interesting possibilities can be triggered by the relationship between concept and materiality? To what extent can material transform itself into an image, and its relative autonomy steer artistic or design research? What role do materials, technique, craft, tradition and context play in the development of an artistic working method (also from an historical perspective), and of meaningful art? What is the cultural meaning of particular material traditions?


  • Lut Pil
  • Anja Veirman
  • Anne Ausloos
  • Carina Diepens
  • Lise De Greef
  • Sylvie Vandenhoucke

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