Master's programmes

In order to be entitled for enrolment in a master’s degree programme prospective students will have to meet the following criteria:


Diploma requirements
Candidates for the initial master's programmes will require a previous Bachelor's degree in the same field of study or, where indicated by the specific programme, in a related field of study. Candidates applying for admission should also consult the academic and portfolio prerequisites per programme for details.
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Language requirements
Our Master’s degree programmes are open for English speaking students although the official language of teaching in these programs remains Dutch. Although proficiency in Dutch is being recommended most master specializations offer lectures, seminars and practice sessions bilingually using both Dutch and English.

Artistic requirements 
The prospective student must have a relevant and convincing body of artistic works.

Administrative requirements
The prospective student has submitted all the necessary documents set out in the application requirements (E-form, CV, master’s project proposal…)
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Application procedure

All applicants submit a digital application through the online application form where you can upload your attachments. Receiving a hard copy of your application is requested as well, certainly we prefer to receive the certified copies of your bachelor’s diploma and relevant transcripts of records!

Application deadlines

  • Non-EEA-students, especially those who are not holding a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries + all students who are applying for the Master Mind Scholarship: March 1 2020
  • Non-EEA-students with or without a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries and EEA-students: May 1 2020
  • EEA-students, Belgian students with international diplomas, students with a diploma from the French Community and only non-EEA-students with a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries: September 1 2020

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Fees & Scholarships (Master Mind)

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