Master Graphic Design on Sint-Lucas campus, Ghent

Master degree in Visual Arts on Sint-Lucas campus, Ghent

Master project: take learning into your own hands

For the Graphic Design master you formulate a research question on which you will work intensively during one year. A promoter and co-promoter will coach you intensively in your research, which will result in a practical work and a related thesis.

Your research question can be very concrete and professionally oriented or autonomous and self-reflective, either specialised or cross-discipline. It is important to develop your own conceptual framework and design strategy and to take an explicit standpoint relative to design practice.

Your practical work will be supported by a thesis that sharpens your research question. Alongside this, you can choose five master seminars. These seminars strengthen your critical and reflective research approach, and provide space for relating theoretical observations to your own research.

The master session, an interdisciplinary platform

During weekly meetings with students from different art disciplines, final projects (in development) of the various participants are presented and discussed. Two tutors act as moderators and facilitate the discussions. This open platform sharpens critical awareness and teaches you to reflect deeply and speak about your own work and the work of others.

A second part of the master session consists of an external project, literally outside the walls of the college. This can take different forms, depending on your identity as an artist or designer. It may be an internship at home or abroad, curating an exhibition, publishing a self-initiated publication, collaboration with another artist... In short, an inspiring experience in the field.

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