Master degree in Audiovisual Arts: the program

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The program puts great emphasis on the interaction between the school’s input and the student’s contribution. It builds on skills gathered in a Film or Audiovisual Arts Bachelor Program and offers no specific training anymore in terms of acting directing, lighting, editing, script writing and so forth.

Within the framework of auteur cinema and art film, it offers instead a continuous program of mandatory activities that includes workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations by visiting filmmakers and visual artists, group presentations, group discussions, film screenings and excursions to exhibitions that offer a wide range of ideas and positions from the contemporary field of cinema culture and audiovisual arts.

Students contribute their own knowledge, sensitivities, skills, aspirations, motivation and commitment. In regular peer to peer meetings, they report and communicate to each other on the progress of their graduation project. By using this input and through ongoing dialogue with tutors, lecturers and fellow students, they develop a critical vocabulary and learn to formulate adequate questions and responses as well as to reach solutions independently, culminating in the showing of a personal and creative finished audiovisual work. This single-screen film work should demonstrate a personal signature as well as the mastering of directing skills.

The program is designed to take a closer look at both the possibilities and difficulties that arise when students/future film makers develop creative work. It does not discriminate between narrative or documentary or experimental cinema practices. On the contrary, it helps students position themselves in the film practice(s) of their choice and achieve their artistic intentions by understanding the achievements of others.

It lets students understand the strategies and tactics as well as knowledges and skills involved in the production of audiovisual art work. Individual practice is at its very center: a continuous and independent working pattern that seeks for a dialogue with similar as well as different practices. During this process the students can rely on an ongoing dialogue about the work’s content and form as well as about its practical and technical aspects in individual tutorials.

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