Jazz, academic bachelor degree and master degree in Music on Lemmens campus, Leuven

Jazz students receive an academic training consisting of a bachelor (3 years – 180 study points) and a master (2 years – 120 study points). Central to this specialisation are lessons in the main instrument and in ensemble. To guarantee an optimal learning experience, these are linked as much as possible. All the skills acquired during instrument lessons are actively applied in various ensembles. Classic training techniques dovetail directly with this. Concerts are regularly organised.

Solfège, ear training, music analysis, classic harmony and rhythm (bachelor) and arrangement (master) develop hearing and theoretical thinking.

During the master years, students can choose from a number of instrument or more theoretically oriented courses. In this way they can continue their personal development.

In addition, students are familiarized with processing information and the development of new ways of thinking. Thus, they come to reflect on their own music practice, resulting in a thesis as part of the integrated master project (lecture/performance).

This broad, multifaceted training offers many perspectives in different work environments. Tutors are prominent jazz musicians who are not only active on the jazz scene but also composing, arranging, producing…

An additional teacher-training module makes a career in education or in the socio-cultural sector possible.

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