This information is for students of LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture Ghent

Looking for a place to stay and you don't know where to begin?

  • The general website with student rooms in Ghent is Choose for the icon of international student and translate the website at the top ot the page. Here you can find a student room or "kot " on the private market. 
  • We don’t have student accommodation halls of our own. It’s the student’s responsibility to find accommodation on the private market.

Other practical information

  • The average price of a normal student room is about 400 euro. Notice that is difficult to make a reservation for a room from abroad, the owner will need your signature on the contract. We recommend to visit the room or apartment in real live to avoid scamming.
  • The rental agreement:Read more information on the rental agreement and take a look at the model rental agreement for student accomodation
  • Read the information brochure "The Flemish Housing Rental Decree for student tenancy agreements concluded from 1 January 2019" for more details about renting a room in Ghent (Flanders). Download the brochure at the bottom of this page. 
  • International students - registration in the city of Ghent and application for residence permit: Every person without the Belgian nationality who is coming to Belgium in order to study, must have a student residence permit .

  • Fire insurance: Most landlords have a fire insurance polis for the whole building and split the cost amid the tenants by asking a little amount on top of the rent. This should be included in your rental agreement. Otherwise, the landlord can ask you to arrange your own fire insurance policy. If you or your parents have a fire insurance policy in your home country, you can ask to include your room in Belgium in the policy. If you don’t have a policy in your home country, you have to visit an insurance broker in Ghent.

  • Public transport in Ghent: De Lijn is the company that provides public transport (trams and busses) in Ghent. 
  • Bike rental: You can rent a bike at De Fietsambassade Gent for a couple of months or one year. Only students who can present a valid student card or a valid paper of enrolment can rent a bike.
  • Dutch classes: If you want to register for Dutch courses you can visit Het huis van het Nederlands” in Gent. There you can test your language knowledge and inscribe for the right level Dutch in one of the language centers in Gent. 

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