Graphic Design, academic bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Ghent

Graphic Design, academic bachelor degree in Visual Arts on Sint-Lucas campus, Ghent

  • Editorial and conceptual design / typography / digital design / publishing and book design

The Graphic Design specialisation on the Sint-Lucas campus in Ghent is a course for students who find the artistic value of graphic design important. The emphasis lies on experimentation, innovative thinking and critical reflection in the design process. In this way, our students develop into independent designers who can play an active role in the development and innovation of design practice.

Our students not only work within the shelter of the studio but also undertake various projects that confront their work with a wider public and help them to establish contacts in the profession.

Lectures are also an integral part of the programme, helping students to develop a broad overview of their chosen discipline. For example, each year we organise ‘BoldItalic’, a series of lectures around graphic design with internationally renowned speakers. This year marks the tenth anniversary of ‘BoldItalic’. Follow our activities via

About the curriculum

Experimentation and innovation in graphic communication

As a designer you are fascinated by visual culture, texts and communication in all its facets. You decide the look and feel of posters, books, websites, CD and album covers, magazines, signage… in short all printed and digital media. The training course primarily focuses on graphic communication within a socio-cultural context, with an important emphasis on personality, authenticity and experiment as drivers of the design process. Typography, both classical and experimental, is offered as an in-depth specialisation.

No previous graphic knowledge is required. The atelier functions as a laboratory in which the graphic and suggestive possibilities of images and typography (the design of text) are explored. Via exercises that become steadily more complex, you will learn to analyse a question and take a standpoint with respect to content. In constant dialogue with your tutors and fellow students, you will explain this standpoint then translate it into graphic concept and effective design.


If relevant to your individual practice, in Year 2 & 3 of your bachelor degree you have the possibility to broaden your artistic practice with content and guidance from another (minor) atelier. For those who wish to deepen their discipline and remain in one atelier, a wide range of atelier-specific courses are available to choose from. In this way you manage your own learning path. Your tutors will always advise you on your study choices.

Critical insight

Developing your artistic identity and vision requires critical insight. Through courses such as Image Research, Drawing and Professionalization, you will sharpen your image-making abilities and learn essential skills relating to the practice of the profession. General theory provides a broad intellectual and cultural basis and develops your capacity to situate your practice in the contemporary artistic and social context.

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