Fine Art, master degree in Visual Arts in Ghent

Lennart Rieder

Master degree, an idiosyncratic approach

The master programme reflects the artistic practice of a contemporary artist. Students combine concentrated studio work with exhibitions where they show their work to the public. In this master training, students take their learning process into their own hands and largely determine the courses they follow and who their tutors will be. The programme is enriched by foreign study trips and projects in the field. Students also have the space to take their own initiatives.

Unique to the programme on the Sint-Lucas campus in Ghent is that components of the course come from other Master of Visual Arts specialisations. The result is a multidisciplinary master programme with crossovers to Textile Design and Graphic Design.

Master project

In the master programme, you take your learning into your own hands. You formulate your own research question and have the freedom to work on this intensively during one year. From your personal artistic research you will choose one or more media or disciplines. You will also choose two tutors to assist you in your research, which ultimately leads to a practical work and a thesis.

You will combine intensive work in the studio with exhibitions. Your work is the result of a critical process in which you combine theoretical and practical insights. The ideas that form the basis of your artistic practice, the choice and mastery of technical resources, and the way your work is displayed and framed, form an inextricable part of the master project.

Master session, a multidisciplinary artistic experience

During the master sessions you will work on projects outside the college walls. These can range from curating an exhibition, to joining an artist’s studio or participating in an extracurricular activity.

During weekly meetings, you will discuss your project and those of students from other disciplines. These sessions grow into a platform for debate where students analyse contemporary art and design from the perspective of their chosen discipline. As a result, you will belong to a wide, multidisciplinary artistic circle.

Master seminars

In the master programme you will follow five theoretical seminars. You have the possibility to shape your learning path according to your personal artistic and intellectual interests. During one semester, you will explore a subject within the broadest context of art practice. 

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