Fine Art, master degree in Visual Arts in Brussels

In the master year of the Fine Art specialisation on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels you will develop your own artistic identity in a very intensive manner. You will work for one full year on your own final project, coached by tutors who are practising artists in their own right.

You will also receive necessary input via critical practices, lectures and continuous feedback from your individual coach. You will not only realise an artistic project but also a thesis.

Personal ambitions central to the master project

Individual development of an artistic position in contemporary art is crucial in Fine Art training. A permanent process of critical reflection forms the basis for this.

In your master project, your personal preferences, ambitions and insights are central to deepening your artistic development and practice. You will work independently on projects that you initiate and develop to a professional standard.

You are not forced to choose one particular medium. Rather, crossovers are encouraged and all prevalent media within the arts are supported.

A thesis forms an integral part of your final project. You will be personally guided in this process by a promoter as well as by a coach for your practical work.

You graduate with a master exhibition in which you present your work to an external and often international jury.

Critical Practices strengthen your critical-reflective outlook

In addition to intensive individual coaching, you will follow two theoretical critical practices related to the atelier and one interdisciplinary ‘crossover’ seminar. You will actively follow developments and activities on the contemporary art scene, regularly visiting exhibitions with fellow students and conducting interviews with artists, curators and other actors from the national and international art world. In this way, you will develop a critical-reflective outlook on the contemporary art world.

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