Film, academic bachelor degree in Audiovisual Arts in Brussels

'Get Ripped' Leonardo Van Dijl


Learn directing from A to Z

By choosing an academic Film degree on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels, you specialise in movie making. You learn how to conceive and realise a film from A to Z. As a film director, you are the key to your creation: you develop the concept, write the script, work with cameramen, direct a film crew, work with actors, oversee the editing of images and sound. In the atelier, you will learn hands-on about developing you own concepts but also about image, sound, lighting, decoupage and editing and in this way grasp the basic principles, techniques and processes of film realisation. Armed with this knowledge, you can make clear what film you have in mind and what film you eventually want to see on the cinema screen. You will gradually make the art of filmmaking your own with a view to creating a work that demonstrates imagination, craftsmanship, originality and intelligence. In this way, you steadily develop your own style and unique signature as a filmmaker.

A critical mind in a creative body

Insight and knowledge are essential for an individual artistic identity and vision. That’s why your critical mind is sharpened on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels through a series of theoretical subjects. Thanks to courses such as Film History, Film Studies, Media Studies, Art History and Philosophy you will understand the work of others and learn to situate your own work in the context of the art world, past and present.


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