If you have previously taken courses or a part of it and you would like to find out if you are eligible for obtaining exemptions at LUCA? Find out more about the possibilities.

What is an exemption?

An exemption is the lifting of the obligation to take an examination for a course or a part of it, based on a credit certificate, another study certificate or a certificate of competence.

Types of exemptions

There are two major categories of exemptions: exemptions based on PAQ (Previously Acquired Qualifications) and exemptions based on PAC (Previously Acquired Competences)

Exemption based on PAQ

The exemption in case of PAQ is a type of exemption on the basis of previously successfully taken courses or programmes, provided that the learning outcomes of those previous courses correspond to the courses in the programme that you wish to enroll for. Each formal study certificate can be taken into account as proof that you acquired the required competences .

Exemption based on PAC

This is an exemption based on a certificate of aptitude which is provided after having demonstrated your competences in a sufficiently convincing manner through an assessment procedure. You may have acquired these competences through a professional occupation, volunteer work, a hobby, etc.

The procedures also differ thoroughly: PAQ follows a free procedure based on documents (the certificates for successfully taken courses or programmes).

The PAC procedure is not free and requires a greater commitment from students as well as from the university that needs to provide counselling and advice during the entire procedure.  The procedure will determine on basis of an assessment if you have acquired certain competences.

More information about the PAC and PAQ’s procedures can be found in the manual and the PAC/PAQ application form (only in Dutch version): http://luca-arts.be/vrijstellingen-aanvragen.

Advantages of exemptions

If you are granted an exemption, you no longer have to take the (part of the) course unit.

Exemptions also influence your tolerance credit (in Bachelor's and bridging and preparatory programmes): how many course credits of tolerance you receive is determined on the basis of the course units that still have to be taken, and the exemptions do not count. Eg. If you have 20 credits of exemptions in a Bachelor's programme of 180 credits, you receive 16 tolerance credits instead of the regular 18 credits (10% of 180), because you only take 160 actual course credits.

Exemptions only count for the calculation of the final percentage and the level of achievement if it concerns exemptions with retention of the result.

You do not pay tuition fees for exemptions nor do you put in any of your learning account (unless it concerns partial exemptions).

Partial exemptions

In case of a partial exemption, only a part of the course unit is exempted. You remain registered for the course unit and you will have to take a (modified) examination for it. In case of a partial exemption, the complete number of course credits is counted for all applications (i.e. for the tuition fees, learning account, tolerance credit,...). Partial exemptions only influence those parts of the course unit which you no longer have to take.

PAC / PAQ advisors

If you have questions with regards to the PAC or PAQ exemptions or you would like to talk to an on-site contact person or advisor about the steps in the PAC/PAQ procedure please find hereunder the contact details of the regional advisors at each LUCA campuses listed below:

  • Campus Sint-Lucas, Gent: onderwijsadmin.gent@luca-arts.be
  • Campus Lemmens, Leuven: onderwijsadmin.leuven@luca-arts.be
  • Campus Narafi: onderwijsadmin.vorst@luca-arts.be
  • Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel: onderwijsadmin.brussel@luca-arts.be
  • Campus C-Mine Genk: onderwijsadmin.genk@luca-arts.be
  • EVC-coordinator: hilde.sas@luca-arts.be

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