The Research Group Drama is focused on different and innovative methods of text creation and the impact they have on text performance. The transfer of oral material into theatre and text creation on the basis of the dramaturgy of melancholy are current research projects.

Special attention is paid to the potentiality of narrative structures, to the polarities verity and veracity, imitation and imagination, character and persona. Furthermore, the focus is on the changing status of the notion “text” in post dramatic theatre. How is the syntagmatic and significant aspect of text enriched and contrasted by paradigmatic and poetical aspects?

The research group Drama aims at a strong integration of research in education by implementing research projects in the curriculum and by means of student participation.

The research group co-operates with the Literary Studies research unit: Text and Interpretation (KU Leuven), with different LUCA partners and with various theatre companies.


  • Kris Cuppens
  • Geert Kestens
  • Adriaan Van Aken
  • Benjamin Van Tourhout

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