Diploma requirements: what to submit?

The (photo)copies of diplomas and transcripts should be certified as true and authentic copies of the originals by the educational institution that issued them. If you are still preparing for an examination at the time of application, you are requested to send – as soon as the results are available – a certificate attesting to the results.

Certified copies are copies of original documents that are certified with a stamp and signature to confirm that the copies are true to the originals. You can have documents certified by the educational institution that issued the original documents.

Documents that are certified by notaries are not always accepted, so don’t rely on it. If the country where the diploma was issued has signed "The Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents" (1961, in that case the copy of your diploma or transcripts has to bear the "Apostille". For more information on this convention, to see whether the country where your diploma was issued has signed the convention and to find out who can put an apostille on the copy of your diploma, go to the official website . 

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