Composition, Academic bachelor degree and master degree in Music on Lemmens campus, Leuven

Composition is spread across one academic bachelor degree of 180 study credits and one master degree of 120 study credits. The focus is on developing creativity and compositional practice is approached from a historical perspective.

During the bachelor degree, the future composer receives theoretical and practical training: solfège, ear training, music theory, analysis, arrangement, harmony, counterpoint and composition are all extensively addressed.

In the master degree, the training is extended with, amongst others, fugue and orchestration. Tutors will guide students in their quest for a personal style.

Attention to performance

During the entire training, considerable attention is also paid to performance: individual piano lessons focus on, amongst others, improvisation, while music and singing are actively performed as a group. A variety of projects stimulate students in their personal evolution: master classes, workshops and encounters with leading composers are organized throughout the five years.

An academic framework supports personal creative development, and students learn to reflect in dialogue with the current societal context.

The master project is the final challenge for graduating students. In a balanced portfolio, including works to be performed, the composer demonstrates his/her creative realisations and discusses the background to this work in a thesis.

Via specific teacher training, if not already partially included, students can prepare for a career in education. They can also work in the socio-cultural sector or in the media.

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