Prospective students who aim to enrol for the professional bachelor's degree programme in Visual Communication  (PBA Beeldende Vormgeving) or the academic bachelor's degree programmes in Audio-Visual Arts, Visual Arts, Product Design, Music and Theatre have to register for and pass the artistic aptitude test first (called 'ATPr').

Registration for this 'ATPr'-test is mandatory and goes through the following link: An overview with the dates and campus location of each aptitude test can be found in the downloadable document at the bottom of this page called "Data Artistieke Toelatingsproeven 2019".
If you pass the 'ATPr' -test you may enrol for the study programme  under condition of fulfilling the other entree requirements (language requirements, sufficient learning account and diploma requirements). The content and programme of  the ' ATPr'-test will be e-mailed to you if you have subscribed online.


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