Marc De Blieck

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This research group starts by looking at the tension between what is public and what is autonomous in contemporary art. The ‘public’ is addressed as a dynamic subject of the artistic practice, as a discussion about ‘image as public space’, ‘the communal’, ‘justification and responsibility’, ‘a place where artistic conventions do not apply’, ‘a mental space’, ‘a democracy that works only by brushing democracy aside’ (J. Rancière) or ‘a landscape’.

Specific points that are central to our questioning of what is public include the tension between presenting and participating, the phase in which an artwork becomes operational in an ‘Umgebung’ or ‘Umwelt’, and the relationship with an audience and with society.

In other words, this research group is reacting to a wide range of questions about art and the world in which it exists, based on 20th and 21st century artistic and art critical practices and concepts like participation, the monument, autonomy, the public, situational aesthetics, collaboration, the stage, the community, curating, authorship, spatiality and memory.


  • Philip Aguirre Y Otegui
  • Marc De Blieck
  • Hans De Pelsmacker
  • Lucas Devriendt
  • Ivan Grubanov
  • Kianersi Haghighi Shervin
  • Roel Kerkhofs
  • Wim Lambrecht
  • Jeroen Laureyns
  • Sarah Késenne
  • Frank Theys
  • Filip Van Dingenen
  • Isolde Vanhee
  • Esther Venrooy

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