Academic Bachelor in Audiovsiual Arts, Animation Film on campus Sint-Lukas Brussels

In the academic bachelor degree, theoretical subjects are not merely in function of practical assignments. Subjects such as Film History, Culture and Media Studies and Philosophy sharpen the critical mind and provide insights into individual artistic identity.

Each year, our bachelor students have the opportunity to break free from their lessons. Festivals regularly featuring on the programme include Anima Brussels, IKL Leuven, and the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht. The latter is not only renowned for its idiosyncratic programme, but invariably our students’ films are competing.

Stop and… motion

Drawing and graphic skills are indispensable for making an animated film. In the Animation atelier other aspects such as recording, editing, sound design and post-production are also explored. You will learn how to make moving images and how to combine sound and image. Scenario writing and storyboards is also an important feature of the atelier. You will learn how to write a story and develop a character in depth. Gradually, you will learn all the rules of the animation game.

Steadily build to professional level

In Year 1, you will develop a broad vision of audiovisual art. In order to acquire all the basic components of animated film, a different technique is coupled to each assignment. In this way, each individual’s talent is immediately tapped into. Thus, specific animation techniques such as claymation are explored in workshops. In Year 2, the focus lies on character animation, narration and art direction. It is crucial to develop your own individual style and a personal approach to storytelling and movement. Gradually, the centre of gravity shifts towards your own work and personal ambitions.

In Year 3, your technical skills and knowledge reach an advanced level. You will realise an animated film that meets professional standards, both creatively and technically. To obtain the bachelor degree, you will present this project, together with your process and portfolio, to a jury of specialists.

A critical mind in a creative body

Insight and knowledge are essential for building an individual artistic identity and vision. That’s why your critical mind is sharpened on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels through a series of theoretical subjects. Thanks to courses such as Film History, Film Studies, Media Studies, Art History and Philosophy you will understand the work of others and learn to situate your own work in the context of the art world, past and present.

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