Academic Bachelor and master Television-Film in Genk

In the Television-Film major you are immersed in the professional world of television and film. The curriculum is put together in accordance with the needs of the audio-visual sector. Our alumni are the trend setters and creative leaders of tomorrow. This has led to a unique training profile with design and technical skills on the one hand (including camera, lighting, sound, montage ...) and design, creative and research skills on the other hand (including screenplay, directing, production...). Because the world of today doesn’t need “one trick ponies”.

You don’t learn to make films from a book. So above all this is a practical course with assignments and projects. Thinking/doing and reconsidering/redoing is the message. The ‘ability to put into practice’ is just as important as the “ability to design”. Because a thorough expert knowledge has not yet stood in the way of a genial artistic performance. The course consists of 4 major elements: Documentary, Fiction, Publicity and Creation in Contexts (CIC). The first three speak for themselves, the final element deals with exploring contexts of new, unusual audiovisual formats, installations and performances. In concrete terms, today we work around multiscreen set-ups, the integration of audiovisual techniques in theatre, 3D-sound, etc. The common theme of these 4 elements is the need to tell a tale, each time within a particular context and with its own particular conventions.

Through the project-oriented approach, you start building up your own portfolio from the first year. You quickly amass an impressive record of achievements that will be greatly appreciated throughout the creative sector. Once you have filmed your four-year master’s, it becomes clear which job you are destined for. That clear profile results in a high employment rate of our alumni in the broad Flemish audiovisual sector. If you want to tell a story in an audiovisual manner and if you can think, dare and do, then you are just right for our Television-Film major. 

Please note that Dutch is the official language of instruction. Consequently our programme is completely organized in Dutch. 

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