Academic Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts, Animation Film on campus C-mine Genk

Telling audiovisual stories, visualising emotions. In the Animation course, you choose to make animations in various genres.

You learn how to develop your own idea into a scenario, style it, film it, edit it, add the soundtrack, present it and report on it. Not just your own idea, but also that of a client. You work independently or in a team. During the course, you examine and research the possibilities of expressing yourself creatively in several animated techniques and uses. You get in touch with all aspects and functions of the production process of an animation. Research and experiment helps you to explore the crossovers and borders between various disciplines.

Both in ‘old media’ and new media, it is becoming clear that animation is taking up an increasingly important, central place because it is a complete crossover; research into new and experimental content, storytelling, form (2D, 3D, graphic, photographic, filmic, typographic, etc.), scenography, direction, sound, music, short film, feature film, linear, interactive, series, advertising, special effects, games, virtual reality, entertainment, edutainment, education and pure art.

In brief: for someone who wants to build a career in the media, whatever the angles, ambitions or talents, this course is the most complete training that prepares students for a rapidly changing world. By combining artistic and market-oriented thinking, the Animation Film program in Genk gets a specific uniqueness, but is simultaneously the most complex and demanding degree in the range of audiovisual courses. 

Please note that Dutch is the official language of instruction. Consequently our programme is completely organized in Dutch. 

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